Dreams and the End of the World

Have you ever had a dream that bothers you? Not a nightmare, but the kind of dream that seems like it is about something more than random, unconscious thoughts. I had one of those last night. I have been thinking about it all day.

I rarely remember my dreams. The ones that I do remember, I don’t remember in detail, only fragments. Sometimes I wake up from a dream thinking that I will remember it, but by the time my mind comes fully awake, the memory of the dream has fled.

Last night’s dream was not much different. I don’t remember the details. I don’t remember the whole story. But I do remember the feelings.

I do remember that it was about the end of the world. My wife and I were in a familiar place when we saw some kind of flying objects that we knew signaled that the end was near. We had to hurry home. On the way we were intercepted by some men who we knew were enemies. These men did not try to harm us, but just talked to us as we tried to hurry home by foot. I do not remember their arguments, but they were telling us things about Jesus that we had never heard before.

In Christian circles we hear lots of theories about the “end of the world.” I don’t think my dream rates with the Revelation of John or is enough to inspire a series of apocalyptic books. It just made me think.

Many people imagine a time when Christianity will become an illegal activity; a time when we will have to swear allegiance to Satan or be put to death. I don’t think it will be so devious. Perhaps I am wrong, but I just cannot see our global society wholeheartedly rejecting the religion that has shaped the culture of nearly the entire world for two millennia. I don’t think we will see sinister forces building black churches with inverted crosses and erecting memorials to evil in our town squares.

I see a society that is gradually deceived; we become convinced of untruths about Jesus and the church. The radical, society altering, culture shaping, life changing religion that Jesus established is replaced by tradition and moral precepts. Rather than establishing a new way of life in the midst of the kingdoms of the world, our faith will be about personal fulfillment.

It is always a better strategy to make the enemy soft and ineffective rather than attacking them head on.

2 Responses to “Dreams and the End of the World”

  1. Very nice, Jason. Dreams are often overlooked in our society. Sometimes they are harbingers of things to come. Special dreams do leave you with an unsettled feeling, haunting your thoughts. My youngest brother and I just realized over the phone today that we had a very similar dream several nights ago about our Dad. Kind of creepy… Your final point is important and accurate. We have been softened up, distracted and misguided. I fear we may lose the battle without ever realizing we were under attack.

  2. Well, this is attempt number two. I love your blog. This is a topic that is on my mind daily, that is the times, the war, we are in. I hope this comes out as good as it did the first time. What I was saying was that in Matthew 24:22-25, Jesus says 2 things that I think are vital and are being overlooked. One, “these days will be cut short for NO ONE would survive, not even the elect. This tells me the elect is still there/here. There is NO pre-trib rapture. And that is a false teaching that will cause a lot of people to fall away because they will wonder where God is and why have they not been raptured. Two, MANY, not some, not a few, MANY of “even the elect” will be deceived. And as your last blogger said, most people do not have any idea the war that is raging around us. The enemy is drowning us in lies through the TV and really through much of our technology. I will over simplify it for the sake of time and the work I need to do. That lie is “We are all helpless sinners and its normal to fear, struggle, give in to temptations and be just like the rest of the world.” It’s normal… Pre-marital sex, normal. Extra marital sex, normal. Cussing, normal. Lying, normal. Cheating, normal. Abortion, normal. Those are just a few of the lies permeating our culture…. We are sons and daughters of the Lord of Lords, we are saints, made in His glorious immage. We can live sin free. And we HAVE to repent. We receive FREE and endless grace but part of the message that no one is speaking is while it is free and endless it has to be claimed. Our sin has to be repented in order to receive forgiveness. AND I’m sorry is NOT repentence. Lord, forgive me for the words that come out of my mouth that are not of you, please change my heart to make it like yours. I want to change…. That is repentance. And this is a rabbit trail. I hope someone finds relevence in it:-o God bless-Bill

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