Propositions for this Christmas

This Christmas I propose we don’t buy any products that only come out prior to Christmas (Chia Obama, Ove Glove, and the all-in-one-screwdriver-flashlight-tire-pressure-checker-emergency-ice-scraper-pedometer). I propose we don’t buy any gifts out of obligation. I propose we spend fewer days shopping, and don’t be lured in by television commercials.

I propose we spend less time watching TV and more time talking, baking, and making gifts with family. I propose we don’t buy any new rolls of gift wrap that will just be thrown in the trash and fill our landfills.

I propose we expect less from others and give more (without spending more money).

I propose we look for people who have true need (hungry and thirsty people in other countries, hungry people in America, homeless people, lonely people, sick people) and spend money on them.

I propose we have more Christmas parties with people we do not usually invite. I propose we get to know our neighbors. I propose we make a gift for someone who would not expect it.

I propose that we spend a lot of time considering the radical meaning of the incarnation of Jesus. I propose that we eliminate our ideas about the “real meaning” of Christmas (peace on earth, family, love, good will) and examine, with fresh eyes, the reason Jesus came.

I propose we don’t make Christmas lists.

I propose we help others do the same.

One Response to “Propositions for this Christmas”

  1. I agree 100 percent!

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