Something to Fight For

I am convinced that we all need something to fight for. It seems to be built into us. We need a cause. We need to protect others. We need adventure. We need danger.

Human beings are at their very best when we are putting this innate courage into action in the right way. The most celebrated people in our society are those who sacrifice to save or protect others, those who stand against injustice, and those who overcome amazing odds. Stories of these people inspire us and cause us to imagine ways that we could create a courageous story for ourselves.

While I believe that every person needs something to fight for, I also believe that most of us do not have much in our lives worth fighting for. “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.” And it drives us crazy.

Our lives are so comfortable and so easy. How many of us have ever truly had to suffer or struggle to survive? How many of us have ever put ourselves in harm’s way for the sake of another? When have we ever stood up against extreme adversity?

We drive our comfortable cars to a climate controlled building where we do a day’s work and then have a comfortable sum of money direct deposited out into our bank account. We drive our comfortable car home to a refrigerator full of food, a cozy couch, and a big TV. We satisfy some of our need for adventure by playing a computer game, watching a movie, or gossiping online before retiring to our pillow-top mattress.

We have done our very best to sand away the danger, adventure, and risk in our personal lives, but deep down there is still the need. We still have a need to fight.

When we cannot satisfy that deep need by protecting loved ones, standing up for what is right, or pioneering into new worlds, we direct our fight at trivia, minutia, and stupidity.

Anger flares when someone cuts you off in traffic. You shoot dirty looks at the barista when she is out of grande cups. You yell obscenities when the shirt you wanted to wear is dirty. You cry when the new car gets scratched. You throw things when you don’t get your way.

Anger is so often a frustrated need for adventure, danger, and something real to fight for.

I want to challenge you. Look for something worth fighting for. When you find yourself getting angry over stupid things, consider the perpetual injustice in this nation, look at the plight of the poor around the world, see the need around you.

Find something to fight for.

7 Responses to “Something to Fight For”

  1. Exactly why I think EVERYONE should at some point in time go to a 3rd world/developing nation and serve the poorest of the poor, even for a very short time – not just the American poor, who are still comfortable when compared to the living conditions of the poor in developing nations, but to a place where the reality is undeniable. Certainly it is good to do anything outside of your comfort zone – serving at a homeless shelter or a local food bank is a great experience, and eye-opening to some degree. But when you are surrounded by the utter desolation of people who have NO options, NO way out of the extreme poverty and tragic circumstances surrounding them…believe me, you will have no problem finding something to fight for! The world is big (but accessible), the needs are massive (but combatible), and it only takes one person to make a difference.

  2. WOW! This gave me chills and made me cry. It really hit home with me! I have been frustrated for several years at the normalcy of my life. I have often questioned why I can never settle in a job or find one that is fulfilling. I have this constant yearning and wonder lust to really go and do….something.
    “When we cannot satisfy that deep need by protecting loved ones, standing up for what is right, or pioneering into new worlds, we direct our fight at trivia, minutia, and stupidity….. Anger is so often a frustrated need for adventure, danger, and something real to fight for.”
    A light bulb went off when I read that. That is really profound and so very very true! I definitely have that frustrated need for something real to fight for! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Kerry and Becki for the amazing comments and perspective.

  4. There is something wierd that happens almost everytime I write on this blog. I have had to retype my response almost every time. This is the 3rd time this time because my hand slips or I flinches, hit some button that wipes out my effort and I have to start all over again. HUFF!!!

    Anyway this will be brief. My heart really resonates with Jason’s entry and the comments, to the point of extreme frustration, sleeplessness, even tears. I am so tired of being so comfortable and at the same time fearful of the kind of risk my soul feels the need to take. I have a family I have to cover, protect, and provide for but every fiber of my being is saying, “deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Him” and that requires (for me anyway) drastic change. I want to live without safetynets where we are totally and fully dependant on God’s mercy, grace, and providence. I believe that that is where he wants us, no, I believe that is where he expects us.

  5. I agree. If our only goals are to be safe and comfortable, we are really missing out on the amazing plan of God that we could be part of; helping to make things right in this world.

  6. I agree whole heartedly. What have you found in daily life to satisfy the need to fight for or against. Something. I often think about moving off the grid, into the woods to fight to live. To see if I have what it takes to live by my own salt.

  7. I always felt that when i grow up, I have to fight for something, so I started practising martial arts some years ago. Now, I’m 17 and I feel, that I have to start it NOW, but I don’t know how. I feel anger, because, i know that i have to finish school, and i really want to, but at the same time, I can’t handle my anger. I’m a girl, and everybody wants to protect me, and think I’m strange, when I’m searching for adventure. I was thinking about becoming a soldier, or a body guard, or something like this, but I want something else, I don’t even know what… I want to protect people from the background, maybe with a secret group (or i don’t know how it is called, I’m Hungarian, sorry for the grammar mistakes.) And, I don’t want to get myself killed, so I don’t walk the streets, searching for anybody to protect, without any “real life” routin.

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