What’s the Bigger Miracle?

We have all prayed for healing. Right? Pain and suffering is nearly the worst part of life, and we desperately want God to take it away. We want a miracle.

Sometimes we feel bad when we look to doctors and medicine instead of trusting God alone. Is it a lack of faith? Is it a lack of faith to look for natural solutions instead of supernatural solution? Maybe.

But what is the bigger miracle? For God to heal my cold, or for Him to create my amazingly complex body that has the ability to heal itself?

The natural world is incredibly miraculous, and even though we classify it as natural rather than supernatural, it still has the mark of the supernatural hand of God.

4 Responses to “What’s the Bigger Miracle?”

  1. I agree that the human body is an amazing and miraculous creation that is overlooked so often. And I do believe that we shouldn’t disregard scientific and medical advances, or neglect to see a doctor when we are ill. (Though I would be wary of blindly following a doctor’s advice these days…most are more quick to prescribe a pill than to encourage us to utilize the miraculous healing abilities our bodies already have within them.)

    However, I think there is a danger in labeling some things “miraculous” when they are actually the natural (albeit supernaturally maintained) order of things. A “miracle” by its very definition is something that happens that CAN’T be explained by the natural order or science. Jesus’ miracles (and those of the apostles) were way outside the norm of the natural order – even science cannot explain a person who has been blind or lame from birth being healed instantly at the touch of another person.

    Certainly the “natural” world all around us points to the awesome Creator who made it and maintains it – but I think we need to be careful about throwing the word “miracle” out there. If someone else can get credit for it, I don’t think I would classify it as a miracle.

  2. Again, another post from you that really hits home for me! I’ve asked these same questions the last 2 years since being diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. (I dont have any answers mind you–but I’ve been asking!) I have often wondered after praying and fasting for healing if continuing to take the medication that keeps me functioning is a lack of faith on my part. I KNOW for sure it is fear….and what is of fear is not of faith. I’m thankful for the wisdom my doctors have. I thank God for the person whose brain created the medication SERC–it truly gave me my life back. But, it only goes so far and I am still dizzy 24/7. Right now–I have stopped taking my medication. I’d like to say it was a great leap of faith–but it was only out of necessity. (Just found out I’m pregnant–haven’t told many people but I think my secret is safe here.) 🙂 So, my dizziness is worse and the pressure is slowly returning to my ears. I’m thinking it’s going to be a long 9 months. But I keep praying and seeking and asking. I know if I am not healed that God’s grace will be sufficient! At this point–I would consider any relief a miracle….no matter how it came!

  3. Here’s a great video from The Truth Project that shows an amazingly complex – and God created – healing process that we completely take for granted. Ever wonder how wounds heal themselves? Watch this.

  4. Not all of that url shows up as the link. Cut and paste the whole thing to see the video.

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