Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code

“Culture—not vision or strategy—is the most powerful factor in any organization… Ultimately, the culture of the organization shapes individual morale, teamwork, effectiveness, and outcomes.” What a revelation! I have spent years trying to impart vision to the organization and people I lead. I have read the books, attended the seminars, developed the statements and the strategies, preached the inspirational sermons, and been frustrated time and again when people don’t catch the vision. Then I read Samuel Chand’s Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code. The business world has been talking about corporate culture for several years, but most of us in the church world are just catching on to this vitally important area of organizational life. Dr. Chand’s experience and expertise shine through this book revealing why a healthy culture is essential to an effective church. Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code contains some of the most profound and important guidance for church leaders today, yet it is a straightforward and accessible read. Dr. Samuel Chand very simply presents the seven keys of healthy church culture and then explains precisely how to implement them into your existing church. Since reading the book myself, I have passed it along to several other leaders. This book is forever changing the say that we view vision, leadership, and our organizational structure. The book includes an index (unusual for a book of this type) and discussion questions at the end of each chapter making it an excellent book for reference, study, and discussion. Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code is bound to be one of the greatest assets to church leadership in recent years. It should be required reading for every church leader and ministry team. Make it the very next book you read.

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