Life is a Movie About Me

All of us, to some degree. imagine life as a movie about ourselves. You do it too. You think the story of the world is the story of you. All the rest of us are just the supporting cast in the movie about you.

You think life is a movie about you.

But you are wrong.

It is about me.

The way we view life determines our entire philosophy. Are we giving or selfish? Do we exist to participate in a bigger story, or just our individual story?

It sounds simplistic, but we must come to understand that other people exist. When we look at other people we have to understand that they are also living out a story. They are living out a story that has history, complex relationships, difficult challenges, triumphs, and the same search for meaning that we have. Their story is just as rich as ours. Their problems are just as complicated. Their issues are just as confusing.

My story is only fulfilling when I choose to relinquish being the star of my movie. It is fulfilling when I insert myself into the stories of others; when I make their struggles my struggles, when I share their joys, and when I make their story my story. I’m only fulfilled if I continually remind myself that other people exist.

A friend told me about a man he knows who is continually giving up his own life for others. When someone cuts him off in traffic or makes him mad, he repeats to himself, “You are more important than me. You are more important than me.”

That is how I live a fulfilled life, by giving up my life for someone else; by making them the star of my movie.

One Response to “Life is a Movie About Me”

  1. What truthfulness. Every day is a struggle to make someone else the star. Thanks to Jesus for empowerment.

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