Things the Bible Doesn’t Say

As I have grown up, I have realized that there are many ideas that I learned in Sunday School (or maybe they were just passed along to me from other Christians) which are simply not Biblical. I am not saying that anyone lied to me. They just tried to teach me things that they thought the Bible said. I think we have all had this experience on some level.

I would love for us to discuss some of the things that we have heard the Bible says, but are really not there. Here are a few . . .

  • Angels never sing in the Bible
  • There is no Inn Keeper mentioned in the account of Jesus birth
  • The Bible does not tell us how many wise men–could be two, could be 100
  • Noah took more than two of each animal
  • The Bible does not say that Satan was the worship leader in Heaven
  • The Bible never states that a third of the angels went with Satan to rebel against God
  • People don’t become angels after they die
  • The Bible never tells us that the serpent who tempted Eve was Satan, only that a serpent spoke to her
  • The Bible never says that Adam and Eve’s spirits died when they disobeyed God
  • The Bible never says that Revelation is about the end of the world
  • Dominion of the Earth was never given to Satan
  • God does not look like an old man with a white beard
There are a few things that are extra-biblical, yet not un-biblical. For example, the Trinity is never mentioned in the Bible, but we can understand God as one being made up of three people because of the way the Bible talks about God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the love existent in God. Some of the things that we have learned that are not necessarily mentioned in Scripture may still be valid. It may not by explicitly stated, but it can still be inferred. We just have to be very careful that we do not base our understanding of God, or the world on ideas that are not wholly true.
What have you heard “the Bible says,” but is really not in the Bible?

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