The Muppets: Great Movies Can Still Be Nice

If I were limited to one word in describing the new Muppet movie, it would be “nice.” The Muppets is a refreshing departure from PG-13 comedies that make you feel a little bit dirty and kids movies that are full or pop culture references and pop music hype.

The Muppets knows that it is a bit of an outsider in our day and time, and it continually asks if audiences are willing to sit through the Muppets brand of silly, wholesome entertainment. In the theater where I watched, the answer was a resounding “YES.”  Before the movies I heard lots discussion about old Muppet movies and favorite characters. While the film played there was laughter and excitement from all ages. At the end people were applauding and discussing it in the lobby and bathroom (bathroom discussion is a very solid metric of the quality of a film).

The plot of The Muppets is very simple. The Muppet characters must reunite, put on a show, and save the day. The simplicity of this story contributes much to the charm of the movie. It contains just the right amount of nostalgia, just the right amount of classic Muppets winking comedy, and the just the right amount of heart.

Even though The Muppets is full of goofy humor it also takes us on an emotional ride. Characters struggle with understanding and balancing their relationships and showing people that they care. Even though this theme is a bit weighty, it never bogs the film down.

Whether you have been a fan of the Muppets for years, or you don’t know Kermit from Fozzie, The Muppets will delight you.

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