Blue Like Jazz

Several years ago I read two books that completely changed the way I understand the Christian life. The first was Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell, and the second was Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Blue Like Jazz is a bit like of a collection of essays that together tell the story of the authors journey of faith. Miller’s humor, honesty, and poignant storytelling allow us to see the Christian faith from angles we never considered.

The book’s subtitle, Non-Religious Thoughts On Christian Spirituality, sums up the book quite well. Miller allows his life to be a bit of a parable that illuminates truth as we watch.

Blue Like Jazz has been one of the best selling religious books in recent years. And it was unlike any other religious book before it.

In 2008, work began to turnBlue Like Jazz into a movie. While a lot of excitement was created among fans of the book, a lack of funding ended movie production in 2010. Then a shocking thing happened. Fans began to raise money to save the movie. In 29 days nearly $350,000 was raised, and Blue Like Jazz: The Movie was resurrected. The movie will hit theaters April 13th.

A book like no other produced a movie like no other. One again, I believe that Blue Like Jazz will challenge our understanding of Christianity and push us to know God and live out our faith in new ways.

Find out more about the movie  here.

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  1. I’ll have to check it out.

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