Did Jesus Lay It All Down So You Could Stand Up and Fight?

I have heard a lot of yelling lately about standing up for free speech, standing up for righteousness, and standing up for our rights. It makes me rather uncomfortable.

I believe that following the way of Jesus is the best way to live. While many would say they agree with this statement, few grasp the full ramifications of following the example of Jesus. This is because cultural values and Christian values have become  indistinguishable for many people. I do not mean that the Christian church is full of moral compromise or worldliness. I mean that the Christ-like values of humility and sacrifice have been replaced by the American values of independence, self-reliance, and pride.

The example of Christ is that of complete and utter self-sacrifice. Jesus gave every bit of himself, every day, to the point of giving His life. He never stood up for His rights. He never demanded justice for Himself. Jesus never spoke of freedom or self-reliance. He never demanded His way. Jesus also never opposed the government of His time. He never spoke against Roman greed, immorality, pagan religion, and violent conquest. He never demanded that politicians tell the truth or that public policy line up with His moral standards. The way of Jesus was humble sacrifice.

What a contrast this is to many Christians of today.

Following Jesus does not mean standing up for what is right. It means living a life of humility, selflessness, and self-sacrifice.

One Response to “Did Jesus Lay It All Down So You Could Stand Up and Fight?”

  1. Very interesting thoughts, again! It is true that our actions should be done out of humility and self-sacrifice. Yet when a society supports transgressions against humanity – such as slavery, unfair labour practices, laws that allow inhumane treatment of women and children, etc – is it not our responsibility to stand up against it? Isn’t that what God asked us to do, to stand up for the oppressed, the widows and the orphans? I am pretty sure you are talking about something different – such as the political mess in America in which the church is actively engaged – but I think it should be clarified that there is a time and place for action, even legal and political action (ex: the abolition of slavery). Jesus may not have stood up against Roman law, but He certainly stood up to authorities – such as the stoning of the woman who had committed adultery. However, He did it with absolute humility and out of concern for the one being abused.

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