50 Things I Have Learned About Faith and Life

50My thoughts and ideas have changed a lot over the past few years. I think perhaps that is the way we should all be . . . always learning and changing.

  1. People are more important than ideas
  2. Ideologues make bad politicians
  3. God is at least as nice as Jesus
  4. Poor people  want the same things in life as all the rest of us
  5. People need help escaping bad situations
  6. Following Jesus is not following rules
  7. Gay people are the same as me
  8. Science is not the enemy of religion
  9. Violence is always hurtful
  10. Violence always leads to more violence
  11. Certainty is not a good character trait
  12. People are attracted to certainty
  13. You and I are responsible for evil
  14. Humility to attractive
  15. God is present when people do good
  16. God is present with the suffering
  17. None of us understands anything completely
  18. Many of us accomplish more than few of us
  19. God blesses everyone
  20. We all want to blame someone
  21. The world is getting better
  22. Actions are more important than beliefs
  23. God cares about the earth
  24. Cod cares about poor people
  25. God cares about damaged people
  26. Caring about life is far bigger than caring about abortion
  27. Disasters are not God’s judgement
  28. Diversity makes us better
  29. Homogeneity makes us weaker
  30. Change is good
  31. Most people don’t like change
  32. We make ourselves right by making others wrong
  33. All of creation is good
  34. Greed is bad
  35. Fear is bad (even when initiated by religion)
  36. Rest is not a waste of time
  37. Too much comfort is bad
  38. Consumerism is bad for society
  39. The Bible is not God
  40. Doubt is good
  41. Questions are good
  42. Societal sin is more dangerous then personal sin
  43. The way we think about God should be changing
  44. I should not insist that others be like me
  45. We all need a little bit of relativism
  46. Tension is good
  47. God is revealed in all kinds of ways
  48. Mistreating people is worse than breaking rules
  49. Everything can’t be explained
  50. God’s news really is good

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One Response to “50 Things I Have Learned About Faith and Life”

  1. My #1: God cares more about how we treat each other than how we treat him.

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