A Meditation for Good Friday

0-Crucifixion-Renaissance-painter-Andrea-MantegnaGood Friday is the day when we remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus. This is a solemn observance. Many churches hold services where the cross is draped in black and and the service finishes in darkness and silence. This allows us to experience the abandonment, desperation, and death of the cross in a unique way.

Good Friday allows us to ponder the cross. The cross exposes the violence, and darkness of humanity. The cross is not God’s justice. It is man’s injustice. At the cross we see the horror that humanity’s violent attempts to dominate, control, and mete out judgement will ultimately achieve.

Jesus’ example of submission, servanthood, and sacrifice is emphasized throughout Holy Week (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter). This display of God as weak in contrast to humanity’s attempt at power is what exposes human beings as ultimately impotent. Good Friday shows us that human justice leads to an attempt to violently control and destroy God. Good Friday shows us that God’s victory comes through humility and self-sacrifice.

2 Responses to “A Meditation for Good Friday”

  1. I have a bit different opinion Jason. In my thinking, the cross was not a display of man’s injustice but of God’s great love for us and his grace. I do believe that in the cross the justice of God was on display as He himself bore the righteous penalty that I deserved for my sin. For me, Good Friday shows us that OUR victory comes through God’s humility and self-sacrifice. – Jimmy


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