Persecution in America part 3

The last question of the survey deals with the respondent’s personal experience with discrimination. This is especially revealing, because it has little to do with what is seen on the news or read on the internet, but with everyday  experience.

The responses from those who claimed discrimination for their faith is especially troubling. It seems that much of the persecution that exists actually comes from other Christians.

Survey pt3

Also, check out part 1 and part 2 of the survey results.

For more thoughts about Christian persecution in America, please see the information about my book Persecution Complex.

2 Responses to “Persecution in America part 3”

  1. I have only been discriminated against by other Christians.

    My 12 year old daughter was asked not to return to Sunday “because she asked too many questions which might cause others to doubt their faith.”

    I have been judged on whether I am a Christian at all when I accept evolution or woman’s rights or am pro-choice.

    I have never felt ‘love’ or ‘grace’ or ‘mercy’ from Right wing churches…only fear and guilt. and anger.

    The last crushing blow was when my minister started a sermon by asking all the women to cross their legs. We did. He went on: “Now that the Gates of Hell are closed…”

    I never went back to that church. (southern Baptist.) It took me a long time to seperate Christ and church, but I finally have and have come back. I attend the Episcopal Church now.


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