Superstition vs True Religion

Superstition is not simply fears of black cats, breaking mirrors or walking under ladders. Superstition is applying supernatural power to something other than God. God has the power to create, to heal, and to give life. Nothing else has that power.

During this time of year, leading up to Halloween, it is valuable to reflect on superstition. We should be aware of the way superstition creeps in to even the most devout faith. Whenever we begin to attribute power to things that do not deserve it, we are becoming superstitious. When we believe that certain activities or words have inherent power, we are becoming superstition. Even saying things like, “There is power in prayer,” can take us into the realm of superstition. There is power in God, not simply in prayer.



It is important to acknowledge that we, as human beings, are affected by words, symbols, ceremony, and tradition. There is certainly a sense where these things have power, but not in a mystical, supernatural way. These things do not hold power on there own, but they often reach beyond our logical mind to a deep, emotional, and unconscious part of who we are.

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