Persecution Complex

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What Are Others Saying About Persecution Complex?

“One of the chief issues facing the next generation of Jesus followers is to shed off the persecution complex that is currently plaguing American Evangelicalism — one that damages our witness to the culture around us, and creates hostility instead of peace. Persecution Complex is one of those books that should be required reading for any Christian who desires to reverse the Christian image crisis that has been brought about by our obsession with faux persecution.”

Benjamin L. Corey, author of Undiluted


“Jason Wiedel cuts through the fog around this issue and reveals the truth behind the persecution complex: we’re not being persecuted, we’re losing privilege. Wiedels insights and exploration in to this concept help us to see why the loss of privilege is actually a blessing and how the false narrative of persecution is damaging Christianity and our witness to the world. This book is a difficult read for American Christians, but one that must be read and examined carefully. I believe that hope for a brighter future lie within these pages and I am convinced that everyone who reads this book with a posture of humility will be challenged, refined, and blessed by Wiedel’s message.”

Brandan Robertson, founder of Revangelical


“Once in a while I read a book I wish I’d written. This is one such book. ‘Important’ hardly covers it. To understand the madness that has embittered paranoid American religion into a thoroughly delusional and dangerous movement, read this book!”

Frank Schaeffer, author of Why I Am an Atheist Who Believes in God.


“In this insightful book, Jason reveals how the perception of persecution amongst American Evangelicals is not just false, it’s destructive–the very antithesis of the gospel Evangelicals supposedly proclaim. Better yet, he offers some key steps on how Christians can abandon the victim narrative in favor of a script that offers them a much better role: positive agents of change in this world.”

Kevin Miller, director of “Hellbound?”

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