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Is It Time To Stand Against the Christmas Warriors?

This year Starbucks, which acknowledges Christmas with elaborate store decorations, special edition tree ornaments, holiday music in its stores, and a seasonal coffee called “Christmas Blend,” is drawing the fire of the defenders of Christmas by unveiling it’s red 2015 holiday cup which features the green Starbucks logo, but no other Christmas imagery. The culture […]

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Naughty or Nice and Christmas Warriors

Every year the American Family Association releases the Naughty or Nice List. This is a rating of the level to which American retailers acknowledge Christmas. Companies on the Nice list are considered “Christmas-friendly.” The Nice list includes Ace Hardware, JC Penny, and Target among others. The Marginal list includes Starbucks and Best Buy. The dreaded Naughty […]

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Christ out of Christmas

I was challenged by a tweet from Donald Miller (@donmilleris) this past week. Here it is: “I really wish more stores would take Christ out of Christmas to distance Him from over-consumerism.” Wow. What a thought. For the past several years many Christians have been fighting this “culture war” to keep Chirst in Christmas. We […]

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