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Will God Pour Out Judgment on America for Affirming Gay Marriage?

No. Oh, did you want more than that? Let’s talk about the character of God. But first, let’s talk about the amazing events of June 26, 2015. A crowd waited in front of the Supreme Court hoping for a ruling on the gay marriage issue which the justices had been debating for some time. News […]

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Getting Rob Bell-ed

You may have seen the news this week that evangelical author and activist Brandon Robertson was dropped by his publisher, Destiny Image. It seems that Robertson’s activity as an advocate for marriage equality within the evangelical church made it very difficult for Destiny Image to sell the book (which is not yet published) to Christian […]

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How Will History View Opposition to Gay Rights?

As we look back at the struggle for equality of various groups, we find the greatest opposition to progressive steps toward equal rights have nearly always come from Christians. Most of us would now consider standing against civil rights for African Americans or equal pay for women to be unimaginable, but we must accept the […]

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