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The Problem of Agenda-Driven Scholarship

Over the past twenty years Christians have produced numerous books, video series’, and seminars that attempt to to present historical or scientific information from a “Christian perspective.” This is largely a reaction to the secularization of education. Many Christians believe that academia has made a concerted effort to remove God from all aspects of education, therefore […]

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Too Much Certainty

Certainty is a strange thing. Most of us are attracted to individuals who exhibit confidence and certainty, yet certainty is, in many ways, antithetical to the human experience. Human beings are made to explore, discover, and learn. Exploration may be a search for certainty, but it requires doubts and questions. The healthy human existence requires […]

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If you spend much time in religious circles then you know that “having doubts” is considered one of the worst things that a religious person can experience. “Having doubts” usually amounts to developing questions about the longstanding beliefs of your religious community. Here are some examples: Does God really exist? Was Jesus really divine? Is […]

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