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Jesus & Presidential Politics

A review of Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne & Chris Haw If you watch television news at all, you should know that the presidential election is quickly approaching. Potential candidates are wrestling for the top spot, pundits are speculating, and the rest of us are trying to sort though the exaggerations and hyperbole to discern who we […]

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Politics and Duty

I was at a few different churches on the Sundays leading up to election day, and I heard quite a few comments regarding politics and voting. I have never heard a minister endorse a particular candidate within a church. I have heard lots of preachers encourage their listeners to vote. It is good to vote. […]

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Is Deconstruction Over?

Yesterday I heard someone say that era of deconstruction of the church is over. That is good to hear. I think. Between five and ten years ago, a lot of us began to dissect the  church and its place in history and culture. For most, this was spearheaded by the Emergent Church movement and by authors like […]

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